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We are a group of forward-thinking, passionate individuals who bring their unique talents and personalities to the table. We're not your typical corporate team, we're more like a family who loves to have fun and enjoys working together.

Our diverse backgrounds and expertise make us a versatile and dynamic team that is dedicated to creating mouthwatering designs for our clients.

From branding to website development, we'll make sure your business sizzles. Let's make some magic happen together!


Meet our Team. Our Family.

Get to know the bacon-loving individuals who will work tirelessly to make your project a success.

A design genius with a hunger for innovation, Sergio is always cooking up new and delicious ideas. He brings his team together like ingredients in a recipe, each one essential for a perfect outcome. With a sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of the market, he crafts successful campaigns that are a perfect blend of flavour and function. His entrepreneurial spirit is like a chef's knife, slicing through the competition of the design industry.

Sergio Silva

Creative Director

Meet Jessica, our seasoned project manager with over 10 years of experience flipping projects to perfection. With two energetic syrup-spillers (AKA her two boys), her plate is always overflowing, but she manages to balance it all with ease. Jessica is the key ingredient to any project, adding a steady and reliable approach.

Jessica Cameron

Project Manager

As the first Official Bacon Bit of Graphic Bacon, Erin has called dibs on being the weird one. With a passion for video games, anime, and bacon (of course), she draws on her personal interests to influence her adaptive design style. When she's not spilling creativity over her sketchbook pages, Erin can be found marathoning horror movies, playing with her puppy, Birdie, or dominating the competition in a video game.

Erin Barnes

Graphic Designer / Bacon Bit

Israel, also known as “the Mexican guy”, started his career as graphic designer and now he has mastered web design. His first contact with web design was when Facebook did not exist yet, so he has been working on creative projects on the internet for a considerable time. If he is not designing in Figma or developing in Webflow, he will surely be online playing The Last Of Us.

Israel Meza

Web Expert

Meet Jon, a former programmer turned web design wizard. After realizing that coding was making him cross-eyed, he switched to designing websites and hasn't looked back since. When Jon is not crafting pixel-perfect designs, you can find him breaking a sweat at the gym or channeling his inner Spiderman on the bouldering wall.

Jon Chan

Web Designer

Hi, I'm Marco, the artist behind the most sweet and savory ideas that you crave! I was born in Ecuador, but my mind is still traveling the world in search of new inspiration. I particularly enjoy experimenting with new ways to use colors, textures, sounds, and typography in graphic design to keep my designs sizzling. If I’m not serving up the hottest designs, you can find me playing video games with my brother, taking my miniature pinscher Theo on walks, exploring photography, and learning how to tattoo!

Marco Padilla

Graphic Designer

Meet Shania, our dynamic Digital Content Marketing Manager! With a keen focus on social media management, she's the force behind our clients' online presence. From crafting compelling content to spearheading video production, she's our go-to expert for all things digital. Outside of work, you'll find her exploring record stores or gallivanting around the world. With Shania on our team, we consistently deliver content that truly sizzles!

Shania Villamor

Digital Content Marketing Manager


Certified Cuddler / Snack Connoisseur / Your New Bestie


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